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What Is A Guardhook?

Guardhooks have built-in spring guard hook protector that allow you to fish snagless and lets you Lock for safer fishing

Now YOU Can Catch ONLY Fish Without Losing Lures, Getting Snagged or Fighting Tackle Tangles!

It’s TRUE, with over 250,000 sold, the patented Neversnag™ Guardhook™ System has produced MILLIONS of snag-free casts!

Neversnag™ Guardhooks™are available in many styles from singles to doubles to jigs even built into frogs.  Even great kids panfishing single safety hooks. Double Guardhooks feature stainless coil spring weed guards built into nickel plated doubles. 

The Neversnag™ Guardhook™ has revolutionized the fishing industry by using quality fishing hooks and coupling them with Patented Stainless Steel Coil Spring Guards to create the ultimate tangle-free and snag-free fishing experience! 

LOCK LOCK YOUR TACKLE RatL Shad Crankbait (replaces Shadtraps)FISH EVERYWHERE Many styles to choose from
 The Best TangleFree fish hook featuring the Built-in Patented LOCKABLE hook protector. You simply flex the coil spring guard ONTO the hook tip to prevent accidents and Kids can practice fish any lure in their backyards. In addition Anglers that Pretournament fish can even use to pre-fish without actually catching/ hurting fish. A great way to locate the trophies ahead of the tournament. Simply pull spring off hook tip to fish weedless and snagless anywhere fish swim. Amazingly, even the hook protector and weedguard keeps the hook sharp for great heavy cover fishing and no snagging. As shown,  in ready to fish position with flexible Spring Guard in front of hook ready to Fish and when they strike the spring springs past hook tip. Now set the hook to catch fish.  Great hooksets with soft resilient built in stainless spring for weeds and timber fishing.  Believe it or not, Guardhooks  Spring Guard acts as a fish keeper too(lose fewer fish).  Guardhooks springs away weeds, brush and people.   Kids panfish hooks, ez-tube jig hooks, wormfrogs, double Guardhooks that replace snaggy  trebles, QUADHOOKS (back to back doubles) so you can fish in 4WD


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HELLO….Ask me anything about GUARDHOOKS…. Yes they do catch only fish and ALMOST Neversnag…though it is possible.

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