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Adjust a Guardhook

Adjust-a-Guard Positions

  1. Safety Lockout as TANGLE-GUARD
    • To Lock it for your pocket, grab free end of spring, flex, and pop onto hook.
    • Keep covered for NEVERTANGLE storage.
    • Finally a safer fish hook. Kids practice fish anywhere and big kids new fish locator, great pre-tournament benefit.
    • Fish cannot be caught in this Lockout Position!
  2. Fishing Unlocked as SNAG-GUARD
    • Pull spring off hook tip.
    • Guard pops in front of hook.
    • Go fish in weeds or brush.
    • Fish Strikes and the spring springs down past hook tip to catch fish!
  3. Quik Strike  Use only when there is minor obstructions in water while fishing. 
    • Bend spring at solder point so end touches outside hook tip, or along side of hook tip.
    • Minimal risk of snagging.
    • Fish Strikes – and is hooked!

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