Wormfrog Mama 4-inch

Wormfrog Mama 4-inch


1/4 ounce soft plastic swimming frog bait. Available in Several Colors.

Swimming Wormfrogs have real life frog action when in the water or out.  You control their action and where ever you cast them in any water fish live.  Built around the double Guardhook with Slinky coil spring guards that act as snag guard and a  weedguard you will catch fish off while fishing as a skittering Topwater or a jigging diving frog or a slow swimming frog and come in  many frog immitating colors and in Baby, Mama and Papa sizes(1/8oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz).


Black, Chartruese Pepper, Crayfish Pepper, Frog Green Pepper, JuneBug, Pearl Chartruese Pepper, Pumpkin Pepper, Purple, Smoke Pepper, White Pepper


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Swims like just like a frog!   Wormfrogs look and act just like real frogs when fished everywhere real frogs and everywhere real fish swim.  Retrieve with start/stop action. Let up and wormfrogs slowly dive forward with swimming action. Bass cannot resist them.