Small 3″ FEARLESS Snagless Neversnag Crankbait set up with 2 double Guardhooks size 6 with built in coil spring snag guards for fishing heavy cover, submerged timber and stumps, everywhere fish swim, anywhere other favorite lures snag.  Features no tangle built in hook lock for a hook protector for NO TANGLE storage and SAFE CARRY in pockets, purses, zip lock bags when YOU flex spring onto hook point.

For TROUBLE FREE fishing simply pull the spring off the hook point to fish and fish with great hook ups as well.

Now fish everywhere fish swim. Where others fear to fish. Explore shoreline fishing with favorite lures that catch fish when you replace bare hooks with Hook protector Guardhooks that protect lures. Guardhook snagless, weedless, and fearless is the the Bravest fish hook. Discover fishing where others never fish where fish hide. So unique its patented and even LOCKS for a Safety Hook Protector. Snagless fishing is a reality written by a sports writer. Over 250,000 Neversnag Guardhooks sold. Hook sizes and styles for all fish species. Hooks for weedless crankbaits. Hooks for weedless spoons. Hooks for jig fishing. Safety Guardhooks for kids fishing.


Neversnag Baby bluegill 3 inch, Neversnag Metallic gold minnow 2.5 inch, Neversnag Metallic purple minnow 3 inch, Neversnag Baby brown trout 3 inch


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