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Kwikchange double is very easy to install on existing lures.  Also works very well as a trailer on spinner baits. I recommend this product to anyone who fishes grass, timber, or any heavy structure.

Clyde, Dothan, Alabama

I found the Neversnag Guardhooks a little bulky at first but when I used them the product spoke for itself. I used them in heavy cover and not once did I bring in anything other than a fish. The Guardhooks spring kept my fishing absolutely weedfree. The bait hooks are sharp and hold bait well.

David, Allentown, PA

I tried just about everything to get snagged but Guardhooks spring guards refused to let it happen. I casted my lure into reeds, heavy cover to catch fish but could not catch snags. Really liked the Hook Guard feature for storing lures in tackle box tangle free.

John, San Leandro, CA

I used a spoon included in my field test kit from Neversnag Guardhooks .  I pulled it thru thick grass and stumps without any fouling while catching a pike.   And what I really like is the way the spring covers the hook for storage.   No more worrying with my kids around my  favorite baits.   I recommend these hooks to fellow members.

William,  Hawley,  PA

While on a Canadian fishing trip after being skunked 2 days in a row  I decided to try the Guardhooks.  Well as I fished the weedless Guardhook spoon on a moderate retrieve, BANG!! I landed a 4 pound Northern Pike. Coincidence? I think not! Immediately afterwards I cast into heavy weed cover and landed another Pike.   I then switched to the Wormfrog and landed a nice Largemouth. The Bass inhaled the “frog” so much that I had difficulty reaching into his “throat” to remove the hook! That’s how much he swallowed it! The area of water I fished it is congested with thick undergrowth and the Guardhook helped me rip  through massive vegetation each cast. Unfortunately I had to tell the local fishermen about the Guardhook. “Unfortunately” because I was the only one around who had the double Guardhook lures and being the nice guy I am I had to give a few Guardhooks away, thus giving away my secret weapon!

Luc K. Levesque

I’ve been in the fishing business for 14 years and never seen a lure produce as much small mouth action.
Hi Ted,

My name is Bryan Dunkin. My parents and I own and run Lost Lake Wilderness Lodge out of North Eastern Ontario. For our customers we offer Northern Pike, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass as well as Rainbow, Brook and Lake Trout to fish.

We had popular fishing television show host a 1/2 hour program on our lodge.

They were here for three days of fishing and produced an amazing show. We hammered the smallies with the one and only “WORMFROG.” I’ve been in the fishing business for 14 years and never seen a lure produce as much small mouth action as the “Wormfrog”.

I’d love to be able to offer the “Wormfrog” and Guardhooks on our tackle wall here at the lodge for guests to buy. However, my tackle dealership has never heard of it before.

Now my question to you is. . .can you help me? Do you offer special packages for outfitters like us?

Best Regards,

Bryan Dunkin -

These hooks glide past lily pads.  I was impressed, I made hundreds of casts into rough weedy areas and very seldom brought back even small pieces of weeds stuck on the hook.  I used minnows, spoons and jitter bugs with these hooks to catch bass.   Very clever design with the way the hooks lock and unlock.  It helps in and out of my tackle box.

Jason, Kalamazoo, MI

Sooner or later, it has to happen – a true ‘weedless’ hook and lure!!

Jim Porter Reviews Bass Fishing in Florida

They seem to work great! I was able to fish some trees that were pretty much unfishable.
I picked up some of your 6/0 snagless double Guardhooks at the Chicago musky show and took them back to Melton Hill outside of Knoxville, TN.  I ended up catching a 44 inch musky on a slippery sam with your hooks. I know a few of my buddies are already asking about how to get ahold of these hooks. Do you ever sell in bulk?? Let me know what you can do, thanks for you time and product. They seem to work great!!!

Billy Davis -

This is one item I won’t be without. The weedless hooks can be used on a wide variety of lures and also for bait fishing. These are great for heavily weeded and brushed areas. Preventing lure snags are worth the price of this product. These really help you present the lure where the fish are. This is one of the best products I have tried.

John, Atascadero, CA

We used the single for plastic worms and never got hung up on stumps while readily catching bass.

Brian, Bath, South Carolina


I received your hooks and lures this afternoon. THEY ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

It is the most impressive product that I have seen in a long,long time. I am going out tomorrow morning and try it out. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are going to work like nothing that I have ever seen.

Again thanks alot for the product and we will be in touch soon…Capt. Butch

Richard M Greenfield
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