• 4″ weedless snagless surface Popper shown with a frog tail version Popnfrog
  • Great top water action that you can fish ANYWHERE….heavy cover such as weeds, and wood without snagging.
  •  Size 4 double GUARDHOOK a mustad we build in coil spring weed guards for Fearless fishing for all surface feeding fish
  • Upgrade to the PopnWormfrog Hybrid for only $1 more!  A 2″ chartruese pepper baby Wormfrog is substituted as a tailhook for added attraction.
  • Weedless fishing of Topwater lures made easy now with the Neversnag Guardhook fishing system.  Now fish where others are afraid to with the bravest fishing system ever.  Our fearless GUARD lures are built with high quality Guardhooks made with Mustad double hooks with patented stainless steel coil spring weed guards so fishermen can fish worry free where ever they cast on the water.  Only Guardhooks have a Safety Hook Protection system that can be controlled by choice for fishing Snagless OR for safe storing when you cover the hook tip by flexing spring guard's end onto hook tip as a locking hook protector.  

Fire Tiger, Metallic Blue Orange Belly, Metallic Blue White Belly, Metallic Gold White Belly, Metallic Purple/Chartruese belly, Fire Tiger PopNFrog, Metallic Blue Orange Belly PopNFrog, Metallic Blue White Belly PopNFrog, Metallic Gold White Belly PopNFrog, Metallic Purple/Chartruese Belly PopNFrog


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