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Fishing with Grampa’s and Grampa’s and Grama’a and children and grandchildren can be challenging. I have 4 children and all learned to fish with help from mom and dad and grandparents. Always aware of fish hooks that catch fish and can catch people as well they all enjoyed fishing and yes sometimes got a fish hook finger poke but no serious ouches. All are grown now and grandchildren followed.
Grandchildren now learned but instead they used Guardhooks being aware that fishing hooks catch fish and can catch people. BUT there was a calm difference using Neversnag Guardhooks. When they cast it they didn’t even think about the chance of snagging it or dragging weeds….they just had fun catching those handsize panfish called Bluegills. They didn’t think it was even important where they cast the hook as long as it landed in the water sometimes in thick weed patches, sometimes in water filled with sunken brush but always where they might catch catch a big one and occasionally did.
I would ask them what did you catch that big fish on? They answered on a worm Grandpa. I would tell them I never caught a fish on a worm. They would look funny at me when I said that. Then telling them I only catch fish on HOOKS and when you fish with my Guardhooks you only catch fish. You won’t even get SNAGGED.
Then they would say “Whats a Snag Grampa?”
I would say its something only Old Fishermen Know About?
You see long ago before the Guardhook people fished hooks that did not have protectors and they would cast it out and catch fish. But sometimes they would catch a log or a weed. Sometimes the hook got so stuck that the line would break and they would lose it. Grama would say sometimes they would catch themselves one the fish hook. That can even happen with a Guardhook but it is rare.
IMAGINE growing up fishing and never know what a snag is?

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