From: Luc K. Levesque 
To: Ted Rydell
Subject: Luc In Canada

Greetings Ted;

...I had incredible results with the recent batch (of Guardhooks) you sent me which consisted of the fluorescent...spoons. Anyhow, last month I decided to try out the spoons you sent me after being skunked 2 days in a row.

Well, no sooner as I attempted to retrieve the spoon on a moderate retrieve, BANG!! I landed a 4 pound Northern Pike. Coincidence? I think not! Immediately afterwards I landed Pike regularly where only 2 days before let alone minute before nothing enticed a strike! I then switched to the Wormfrog and landed a nice Largemouth. The Bass inhaled the "frog" so much that I had difficulty reaching into his "throat" to remove the hook! That's how much he swallowed it!

The area of water I fish is congested with thick undergrowth and the Guardhook saved me quality time by not having to rip my hooks through massive vegetation each cast. Unfortunately I had to tell the local fishermen about the Guardhook. "Unfortunately" because I was the only one around who had the Weedguard and being the nice guy I am I had to give a few Guardhooks away, thus giving away my secret weapon!