VERY GOOD           I fished Neversnag Guardhooks in flooding rivers, state controlled lakes, and ponds.  Thunderstorms  brought the Scioto River to turbulent high waters where “undesireable debris” filled the water.  Walleyes were caught using both single Guardhooks with bait as well as crankbaits with double guardhooks.      The dam at Ross Lake floods a large area filled with underwater trees, shrubs, and moss.  The Guardhook allowed me to catch crappie and pike and fish snag free with confidence.   The ponds I fish for bass are rich with growth of grass, cattails, trees, brush, and lilly pads wor.  I fished  the swimming  womfrog thru all this growth catching only bass.    I rate it A+                      

-Byron, Chillicothe, OH